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On this website you can find information and downloads for Turok2!
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Game Downloads
  • FREE Turok 2 Game(Multiplayer only version)
  • Modified Turok2MP.exe
  • Cracked GSPYLITE.exe to check QTRACKER servers NEW

    Turok Server
  • Info and Tips
  • Turok Dedicated Server
  • Cracked gm_win32.exe with qtracker support NEW
  • Configuration Program
  • Program to get IP and kick Players
  • Program to get the IP of Players
  • Turok 2 Server Connecting Help
  • Turok 2 Integrated Server tip

    Other Stuff
  • DressingRoom | New HiRes Textures by CrazyTrain
  • Console Output Logger
  • Crosshair Modifier
  • Fov Modifier
  • Console COMMANDS

    Single Player Trainers
  • Turok 2 Shoot Style
  • Trainer

  • Game Downloads back to top
    Turok2 MultiPlayer
    Get a full working Turok2 Multiplayer version here. Just unzip and start Turok2MP.exe to play. If it complains that 'glide3x.dll' is missing, just press OK and ignore it. You don't need it to play if you use Direct3D (which is the usual way).
    If you get a "File Access Denied" or "Access Violation" Error, make sure the files in the folder are NOT read only!

    Gamespy Lite stopped working - Here is the solution
    If your gamespy lite does not work anymore and gives you errors like "cannot convert host address ''"

    you may try this cracked GamespyLite.exe with QTRACKER support which will fix your problem!

  • Turok2MPGame.rar (80mb)
  • GamespyLite.exe with QTRACKER support (1.5mb)

    Visit the website of the modified Turok Version!

  • Turok 2 New HiRes Textures back to top
    Those preview pictures below show you how newtextures look like.
    Download this file and read the included readme.txt if you don't know how to set it up. It will give you new Turok2 Textures,
    made by Crazy ( ) (in this version, the fence bug in city5 is fixed.)

    Checkout the new TUROK 2 DRESSING ROOM

    It allows you to create new Turok Textures!! click on the Picture to get to the site!

  • HiRes.rar (11mb)
  • TextureEditor ( (70mb)

  • Turok 2 Server (Dedicated and Integrated) back to top
    Configure the turok dedicated server

    Download the T2Servers.rar which has included this server configurator! It allows you to setup your dedicated server without having the trouble to check out the gm.cfg all the time with notepad!

    Have more than one config file
    Usually u edit the 'gm.cfg' config file and start RT_SRV_WIN32.exe and GM_WIN32.exe to run the server. If you want to host sometimes an Arena, next time Rok Match or Rok Arena, it's good to have more config files. I do it this way: i got a folder "configs" there, and inside of that folder i got 'arena.cfg' 'rok.cfg' 'rokarena.cfg'. Then i made 3 bat files of the gm_win32.exe and edit that file with the command lines: (start notepad, write that line and save as gm_win32_arena.bat)

    gm_win32.exe -config configs\arena.cfg

    When i want to start an arena server, i just click on the gm_win32ARENA.bat and it automatically runs my server with the arena config :).
    in the T2Servers.rar on this website, these bat files are available already.

    Another Tip:
    if you want to display your "own rules" for the server in gamespy, you can do it this way:
    In the config file, write behind the CPU:

    CPU=Pentium II 400/Windows NT \NewRule1\NewAttribute1 \NewRule2\NewAttribute2

    CPU=Pentium II 400/Windows NT \WebSite\ \Banned\Player1,Player2,Player3

    In Gamespy it will look like this:

    Host Arena in Rok Match Levels (gm_win32crack)
    If you want to do that, download the gm_win32modified.rar and use the gm_win32modifiedV2.exe instead of your old gm_win32.exe.
    you can just write in the gm.cfg then
    GameType=Team Arena
    LevelSet=Rok Match Levels
    without the gm_win32.exe telling you an error. You don't have a MaxPlayer limit anymore either, you can host for 666 Players now lol.

    PlayerIPIDDec.exe is a prog to kick players from your dedicated server. Click 'Daten Holen' to get the Names and IPs. If it crashes, delete playerIPIDdec.ini and try again. You gotta have it in your T2Servers Folder.

    Connecting Problems??
    If you have problems connecting to Turok 2 servers and are using a ADSL modem with a built in firewall this might be the solution. This change fixes the World State Error.

    Enter your modemsettings(usually with an ip in internet explorer), then open/allow UDP port 2010.
    This will solve the World State Error and you will be able to play!

    My server can't send to gamespy!!
    if you receive this kind of messages in the gm_win32.exe console window:
    *** WARNING: gethostbyname( failed.
    *** Cannot send heartbeats to GameSpy.

    you might try to download this gm_win32.exe with qtracker support , which will hopefully solve your problems!

    Tip for the integrated server
    If you host Integrated, your Fraglimit is limited to 99, the arena Health is 100, and you can't host an Arena in Rok Levels...
    Here's a way to solve the problem. Go to your turok folder and edit the integrated.cfg file with a text editor. Write everything that you want in it, for example if you want to host a Arena in Rok Match Levels with health 1 and a Fraglimit of 100 write:
    LevelSet=Rok Match Levels
    save it and make this file 'read only'!
    When you start your server now, it doesn't matter what you type in the game launcher, turok will use the configuration from that 'read only' file :).

    Funny shit in Control Room
    Host an arena in control room with

    Then when you walk on the red line which is around the arena, you'll die lol. "..came to an untimely end" hehehe

  • T2Servers.rar (11mb)
  • playerIPIDdec.rar (0.5mb)
  • Ultima's IP Ripper (0.5mb)
  • gm_win32.exe with qtracker support (0.5mb)

  • Turok 2 Console Output logger back to top
    If you're interested in saving the console output because u want to have some kind of "ingame - chat - history" lol, you can use this Program for it. UPDATED -works with v1.04e and v1.03 now
    It's also good to see if some1 joins in server when you're afk or if turok is minimized and you're around in windows. Or if there are 1000 messages and u don't want to scroll up in the console so far lol. It saves the history automatically to "console.log" file.

    Well it looks like this (the servername isn't displayed correctly sometimes, but that doesn't matter much)

  • ConsoleLog.rar (0.5mb)

  • Turok 2 Fov Modifier back to top
    If you use Windows Vista or Windows 7 and that ^ key for the Turok2 Console is disabled somehow, you can use this program to change the FOV without opening the console. It works for the english v1.03 and v1.04 of the game. I created it, because that problem occured while i was using vista for some time. Now i use XP again lol.

    Well it looks like this

  • fov.rar (0.5mb)

  • Turok 2 Console Commands back to top

    Here the most important console commands. To see all type help, and if you want to know help to a specified command, try help "command".

    Console (key left of 1) Commandzz
    Command Result
    help displays all commands
    set fov (45 - 90, 47.5 is default) changes the fov
    set 666 (1, 0) your head burns lol (May cause lag)
    mods shows server modifications
    rules shows server rules
    set name blabla changes your name to "blabla"
    set disableatunts (1,0) Disables the Taunts.
    levels shows the levels in the server
    read (file) reads commands from a file, so if you create a text file "config.txt" in ur Turok folder with the lines:
    set name TeSt
    set fov 60
    set disabletaunts 1
    and type read config.txt, it sets all these commands into console :)
    ping server pings to server, if you had netbrake and you want to know ur real ping

    Crosshair back to top
    If you want to train your aim a bit and want to play without crosshair, download this program, and you can turn it on/off!

  • crosshair.rar (0.5mb)

  • Single Player Trainers back to top
    Turok 2 Shoot Style
    You can shoot every ammo with every weapon. For example Freeze ammo with a Mag60. Freeze comes out of the magnum then ;)

    Turok 2 Trainer (Single Player)
    This Trainer works for German and English version of Single player!

  • (0.5mb)
  • (4kb)