funny screenZ:

In the light tunnel


Special Firestorm

Who needs Legs?

He looks a bit destroyed?

Shredder shooting Freeze

Weird thing dropped

Big explosion

Twisted Raptor Claw

Very much blood

body full of arrows

Flame shooting Freeze

Freeze Magnum

No Chance for him

Only 1 Scorpion Rocket

Those poor raptors...

Riding Gun kill

Riding Gun kill again

WTF is this??

Blood Wave lol

Plin vs Turok

grow up turok!

grab his feet, fucker!

from Turok's view

Bleed, little basterd!

OMG QUeens Boss!!!

yeah, who's the boss?

barbecue today i guess..

ok u have big bubbles...

but are still tiny hehehe

grow up turok!!!

and show prim the way..

want to get back home?

..Turok conquered it!