Turok2 Servers

This site lists online Turok 2 servers. If you are a host and your server doesn't appear here due to some reason,
or if don't want your server listed here, please contact me: mr_manfish@hotmail.com

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Server namePlayersLevelGameTypeAddressPortDetails
Testserver0/10Harbor-5AWR Match185.183.156.13612885
Absolut ROK!0/16City-4Rok Match31.172.93.18312881
4rena0/16Twong's SpireTeam Arena31.172.93.18312882
Capture the (F)lag!0/16The GraveyardCTF31.172.93.18312883
(kBg)--- Insert coin here! ---(GoT) -lagfree0/10Harbor-5AWR Match31.172.93.18312885
--> Lets wait for Remaster Updates.. -> http://store.steampowered.com/app/405830/0/3Harbor-5AWR Match31.172.93.18312887
Community / problems? -> turok.forumactif.com0/2City-4Team Rok Match31.172.93.18312889
(kBg)--- Insert coin here! ---(GoT) -lagfree.0/20The CityTeam Arena99.67.53.22112884
(Blk) Penis Pumps (Blk)0/20Harbor-1Rok Match99.67.53.22112888
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