Turok2 Servers

This site lists online Turok 2 servers. If you are a host and your server doesn't appear here due to some reason,
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Server namePlayersLevelGameTypeAddressPortDetails
[kBg*]--- Insert coin here! ---(GoT) -lagfree0/14Harbor-5AWR Match159.100.29.24412880
[kBg*] R0K0/16City-4Rok Match159.100.29.24412881
[kBg*] Twongs Time!0/16Twong's SpireTeam Arena159.100.29.24412882
[kBg*] Flagx0/16The GraveyardCTF159.100.29.24412883
[Mod] Extended ROK! http://rebrand.ly/t2mod 0/1337Harbor-5AWR Match159.100.29.24412884
[Mod] Team Rok Fortress 2 0/69Harbor-5Team Rok Match159.100.29.24412885
Turok 2 on discord: https://goo.gl/TVJVAE 5/8The Control RoomAWR Match178.219.1.5212886
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